Founded in 1977, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and technical skills of Arrigo Stocco, Essepi s.r.l. is a manufacturing company dedicated to chair woodworking with a strong vocation for meeting the design challenges of the client.

Over the years, through constant implementation of know-how in the plywood/multilayer sector, and continuous investment in human resources, technology and facilities, Essepi has become an excellence in the "Chair District," confirming Friuli Venezia Giulia's internationally recognized local manufacturing tradition.

In response to an ever-changing market, which demands ever greater flexibility in design, the company, from the very beginning, has oriented its development on the ability to combine manufacturing reality with an advanced technological component.

plywood pressing
product finish

"We continue to evolve, to perfect ourselves, project after project."

Arrigo Stocco

In continuous renewal, keeping up with the times, today Essepiwood is the new identity that expresses a paradigm shift with the entry of new dedicated profiles in the company and a new generation with Arturo Stocco, who dialogues with the experience of his father Arrigo to confirm and expand the business vision.

Essepiwood obtained FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification in 2012 and ISO 9001 quality certification in 2020.

Vision and Mission

Shaping performance

In the furniture sector, Essepiwood is the ideal partner for companies who want to improve their performance and confirm their leadership in the market.

Essepiwood is a unique, international, flexible and efficient company, able to provide customized solutions and series production of plywood components in every shape, size and finishing.

The company's synergistic approach is to take on technological, environmental and social challenges, promoting the qualitative growth of products and processes, as well as financial and human resources management.

Essepi Lab is one of the expressions of this approach, a team able to understand design needs and provide solutions in terms of development and production software. They also manufacture molds, which are critical to the production of items that must be functional but also stand out for their recognizable style.

Finally, there is no shortage of Essepiwood's commitment in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, where the company continues to evolve its position with respect to the fundamental topics of conscious development such as environmental impact and protection, energy consumption, low pollutant emissions, reduction of occupational hazards, and personnel information and training.

"We are market-oriented, to listen to their needs and develop our proactive capacity."

Arrigo Stocco

Facts & Figures

Annual procurement

1,600 m3 of derulled 550 m2 of plywood 30,000 m3 of veneer 80% Of all the material is FSC® certified


17,000 h of press work 7,000 h of Cnc machining 4,000 h of engineering design 10,000 h of joinery finishing


40% Female labor 95% Permanent contracts

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