We involve the client in all stages of the conception and realization of their ideal product.

theatre seat prototype

Three-dimensional design

Three-dimensional design is at the heart of our product development activity: we use the latest software and tools for 3D scanning and design. Starting from a technical drawing or sketch of an idea, you can build a virtual image and make the necessary changes to the model. Digital manipulation thus facilitates the definition of the object and the creation of the technical drawings necessary for its development.

3d scan for essepilab
CNC programming team


Quotation can be actually considered a design phase that, starting from attentive listening to the customer's needs and desires, reformulates them through the lens of experience and technical knowledge.

During this phase, our priority is to be able to provide quick responses and solutions based on the experience we have acquired over the years, which is our key to success.

Thanks to well-organized methods and schedules, a dedicated team supported by specialist software guarantees accuracy and competence.

prototype test

Prototypes and sampling

The prototype is the first expression of the product. Conception and production are the result of intuition and the technical ability to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of a specific design. This is a critical phase since it lays the foundation for the solutions to be developed.

After creating the prototype, we proceed with an initial test sample and continue to make corrections until we receive the confirmation of the customer who actively interacts with our team throughout each phase.

Essepi Lab is the point of reference for our customers, always assisting them in the analysis and verification stages in order to ensure that the best possible solution is achieved.