Durmast Oak

Stylish and durable, Durmast oak is a fine wood widely used in furniture and appreciated for its high-quality grain.

durmast oak wood texture


It is one of the most widespread trees in the world and comes mainly from Europe and the United States.


Brown tending to yellow.


Durmast oak is very resistant to insect and fungal attacks due to its high tannin content. Its color ranges from the yellow heartwood to the brown sapwood and its true distinctive characteristic is the presence of medullary rays, also known as wood rays. It is a robust wood that lasts over time and has average shock resistance. Due to these characteristics, it is much more workable when it still has a high water content; as it matures, it becomes harder and tougher.


It has good workability and is easy to saw with suitable equipment and to assemble.

General use

Durmast oak is mainly used in the manufacturing of fine furniture, veneers, small boats, barrels for aging wine and load-bearing structures in building construction.

Our products

We use Durmast oak to manufacture seats and backrests, chair and armchair frames, table bases, table tops, and furnishings.

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