Beech wood comes mainly from the forests of Central Europe and is one of the most widespread trees in that area.


It is light, almost white, and takes on a pink color after the vaporization and drying process.


Beech wood is heavy, has a dry density of 680 kg/m3 and is a hardwood with significant shrinkage. It is easy to work and is a very good wood for milling, turning and carving. After proper steam treatment, beech timber is cut, peeled and folded easily and during the drying process tends to bend and split. It is easy to color and can take on almost any color shade. It is not a durable wood and can be easily impregnated.


Beech wood is not one of the most workable woods, but it is not difficult to saw.

Current use

Beech wood is primarily used in the manufacturing of furniture and furnishings, veneers, plywood, stairs, and parquet. It is also used for toys, kitchen utensils and textile fibers for the production of cellulose.

Our products

Thanks to its structural characteristics, beech wood is extremely resistant. We use it to make seats and backrests, chair and armchair frames, table bases, table tops, and furnishings.

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