From template realizations and CNC programs to CNC machining.

Cnc milling machine, woodwork industry. Tool with computer numerical control. woodwork industry.

Creation of moulds and CNC programs

All our moulds as well as our CNC programs are made in-house by our qualified staff.

The use of CNC pantographs enables accurate cutting, drilling and engraving of panels. After the initial conception and delineation phase on electronic media, data are transferred from the computer to the CNC pantograph.

The entire technological process is supported by the expert intuition of the operators who assist operations, monitoring production flows to ensure Essepiwood quality standards for each project.

CNC machining

We have 3- or 5-axis machining units with tool changers, which allow us to obtain high-precision machining and products.

These machining units create the model and can perform cutting, drilling, and shaping operations on different materials to reproduce a drawing, a figure, the outline of an object, and obtain original and custom profiles for aesthetic and/or functional purposes.

The use of state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to optimize raw material consumption, minimizing waste even in the making of the most intricate shapes.


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