Ash is a hardwood known for its excellent bending capabilities. It is mainly used for the manufacture of furniture, especially for curved elements. White or pinkish-white, with a silky shine, ash is greasy to the touch.

ash wood


Europe, North America, Japan, Manchuria.


Light color, ranging from light blond to pink and pale brown, with possible green undertones.


Heavy and hard, elastic and durable. It is an excellent wood for cambering and can be cut rather easily with a saw. Shock resistance is medium to excellent, while bending resistance is somewhat lower. Overall, it is a remarkably flexible wood and is also durable and resistant.


It has good workability and is easy to saw with suitable equipment and to assemble.

General use

Ash is used for interior decoration, furniture and veneering, parquet and tool handles. It is among the least expensive hardwoods available on the market and its price is lower than that of durmast oak.

Our products

We use ash wood to manufacture seats and backrests, chair and armchair frames, table bases, table tops, and furnishings.

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