Conceived by Abet Laminati S.p.A., PRAL ³ is an extraordinary artificial material obtained by combining a natural mineral and an acrylic mineral.


It has a broad range of colours (more than 30 ) both solid and fine or coarse grits. The PRAL is made with coloured paste meaning that the colour spans the entire thickness and not just the surface.


Malleability, no visible joints, lightness, durability, hygiene, beauty: a high performance material. It is also easy to clean and maintain unlike other materials, pRaL® is warm, soft and tender to touch. However, do not be deceived by its “softness” – pRaL® has excellent surface resistance to wear.

General use

At the beginning it was used in kitchens and showers, in a short time this material has also established itself in many other environments to become a table, a cabinet, a column or a counter. Lightweight, versatile and malleable, Pral is ideal for any line, straight, curved, concave or convex.

Our products

Thanks to our moulds and our numerical control machines we are able to obtain original and customized results with countless customized adaptations