Product Finishing

From sanding and finishing to assembly and packaging.

plywood backrest smoothing

Sanding and finishing

Sanding and finishing are the most artisanal part of the process, during which our expert carpenters perform sanding, smoothing, edge banding and studding operations manually. Special tools and expert manual work allow the sizing and leveling of surfaces to ensure top quality finishes.

plywood studding operation
plywood smooth seat


In this production phase machined elements are assembled according to the customer’s instructions. Our operators carry out all necessary activities and conduct sample quality checks with dimensional inspections.

backrest of stacked armchairs
packed plywood furnishing components


Products are always carefully packaged and prepared for shipment, guaranteeing their integrity during transport regardless of the distance to be covered. The optimization of overall dimensions minimizes transport costs and makes storage more efficient at the destination.

The end of our production cycle is the beginning of a new life for the product, a commitment that we have accepted with passion and dedication for over 40 years.