An easy-care and durable material, it lends itself to many applications and realisations in many areas of interior design.


It can be coloured to any colour or texture, suitable to create made-to-measure projects for all types of applications.


It is durable and easy maintenance, its surface is resistant to impacts, scratches and cuts. It is also easy repairable thus reducing the need to replace it.


Modelling. Engraving. Staining. Thermoforming. With Corian you can make everything you want thanks to its versatility.

General use

This material is widely used in both domestic and technical areas: from large design architecture to domestic applications of high precision and controlled dimensions.

Our products

Our company is specialized in the processing of corian, a material increasingly widespread that finds application in different fields such as: kitchens, bathrooms, both naval and house furniture and much more. With our moulds we are able to bend the corian and obtain the most varied surfaces.